Sisters, Finland

Sweet mini-session with two beautiful sisters. As always, my favorite part is to get some candid shots of a mom holding her babes or changing them into different outfits… I know for some people it’s a break before another round of shooting those “perfect” posed moments but I do believe that when the years go by and our children can get dressed and do almost everything on their own it’s THOSE images that reflect the real life, their dependence on us, MOMS would be cherished and dear to our hearts. This realization came to me at a high cost. I have one photo of me when I was one and the next one was taken at around 3 years old. I know if I could I would give a lot just to see how I looked in between those years. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I always tell my friends to keep taking photos of their kids and I firmly believe EVERYONE deserves good family portraits. I offer a few free family sessions each year. If you know someone who is in need and would like one, feel free to tell them to contact me through this blog or my IG account (vikaaaltonenphotography). Our kids grow way too fast so let’s capture some of those moments.


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